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Introduction to Spadegaming

Casino games must have been a hot topic for you. People visit casinos to place wagers, gamble for additional perks, and maybe earn significant earnings based on chance. The idea of online casinos emerged as the internet developed and technology advanced. People no longer have to travel to casinos but can now enjoy casino games from the comfort of their homes by playing in online casinos. They have access to PCs, iPads, and mobile devices for gaming. Slot machine popularity grew as a result.

SpadeGaming is a 10-year veteran in the Asian betting market. They are slot-game-focused providers that created over 100 wonderful slot games that are inspired by various Asian cultures. Their Asian-themed games are well-designed to suit Asian tastes. It differs from western slot games.

SpadeGaming offers new games and develops new categories including fishing games and egame. They’ve expanded in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. HQ in Malta and the Philippines, with the Malta Gaming Authority’s approval, they’re now offering to European players, expanding their iGaming market reach.

In addition to the games itself, SpadeGaming also provides online casino players with enticing bonuses and promotions that are intended to reward their participation at online casinos. They wanted to ensure that it was always available for its customers, so it set up an efficient customer support team that would work around the clock to address any concerns that might be raised by its players, no matter where in the world they were located.

Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: Safeguarded by multiple security measures, such as a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a licence from the Philippine Gaming Commission (PAGCOR), improved encryption, and a test of the RNG by the Australian company iTech Labs

Games: Slot games that come in a lot of different options and themes. You can also find fishing games and egames here.

Bonuses: SpadeGaming has welcome bonuses for your first deposit, daily reload bonus, daily super promotion, cash rebate, and more.

Customer support: There will be a live chat feature on the site that will be available all the time. Customer service could also be reached by phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook.

Basic information

Slot games, fishing games, egames
Live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Phone call
Depending on the platform one access
Depending on the platform one access

About Spadegaming

Despite having its headquarters in Asia, SpaceGaming incorporates global cultures and themes into all of their products. Of particular note are the distinctive Asian-themed games, which look fantastic on PC and mobile with amazing graphics and sound effects for endless enjoyment. With more than ten years of expertise creating innovative, gorgeous slot games one after another, it is currently the leader in the gaming sector.

Now that it holds a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), it is permitted to expand its offerings to the European gaming and entertainment market. This enables SpadeGaming’s ongoing expansion of its products to touch additional regions and collaborate with the top casino operators worldwide.

That being said, SpadeGaming works to give its players a secure environment. Since its games are played on partner websites, SpadeGaming has no direct interaction with the players. SpadeGaming believes that it is their duty to give their partners all the tools necessary to create a safe and enjoyable environment for gamers who are passionate about their game.

Safety and Security

People doubt the safety of online casinos. Is the site lawful, licenced, protected, and does it even pay? Multiple security mechanisms protect SpadeGaming’s online gambling site. The site is safe and trustworthy because it’s licenced and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Due to its legitimacy, SpadeGaming has spread beyond Asia, demonstrating its trustworthiness.

SpadeGaming’s RNG is tested by Australia-based iTech Labs to assure fair gameplay and gaming experience. Personal information of players is protected. This might be one of the most important factors to players as it reveals a player’s identity and banking details. Besides that, SpadeGaming has also taken procedures suitable with any situation to protect confidential information.

Spadegaming Bonuses and Promotion

In light of the fact that SpadeGaming is a partner with one of the most highly regarded online casino platforms in Malaysia, Winbox not only complies with the provision of a large selection of casino games but also offers its players a wide variety of exciting promotions and bonus offers. These bonuses and promotions may come in a variety of forms; for example, they may be in the form of cash or credits that can be used within the app. As long as a user creates an account on Winbox, they are eligible for a number of these fantastic bonus plans, which players like SpadeGaming are able to use on their favourite games. Some of the most interesting ones are as follows:

[WELCOME BONUS] – Deposit RM20 Get RM20

Just like any other online casino platforms might have, Winbox extends a welcome bonus to prospective new members who have become familiar with the platform and are considering signing up for an account with Winbox. When a user first registers for a Winbox account, that user will receive a free RM20 credit from Winbox, if the user makes an initial deposit of at least RM20 into his account. That he will receive a total of RM40! The game credits can be used to participate in any of the Winbox-partnered games like SpadeGaming, and put wagers on those games.


Daily Bonus is another fantastic bonus that Winbox provides, and it is claimable on a daily basis. Winbox will add an additional RM10 to your balance if you make a deposit of at least RM30, bringing the total to RM40. On the same day that a player makes a deposit, they are eligible to claim this bonus. In addition, players are permitted to make deposits and withdrawals on a daily basis provided that their turnover meets the requirements of x1. Aside from that, there are a few terms and conditions that must be complied with; if you have any questions, the customer care personnel would be happy to assist you.


This Daily Super Promo is perfect for people who may be looking for even better deals. It has two options: deposit RM50 and get RM20 free, or deposit RM150 and get RM50 free. For the first one, players have to reach the required turnover of 3x, while the second one would be 5x. These two great deals are only claimable on the day after the player makes a deposit. Do take note that this great deal is only applicable for people who play slot games. This means that people who play other games and although reach the required deposit and turnover could not get the free credits.

List of Available Games

A well-known software company from Asia like SpadeGaming that has made a number of fun and lucrative slot games. Even though they seem to focus on slot games, they regularly add new games and create new game categories, such as fishing games and egames. Even though its headquarters are in Malta, this studio has clear Asian influences. SpadeGaming slots are great for people who like games based on Chinese and Japanese culture, plus they look great and are fun to play.


SpadeGaming found to be a good online casino provider for slot games. Slot games are fun for everyone because they are easy to play, have lots of bonuses, and even available in small bets. There are a lot of slot games here, and each one has a different story and set of rules. This area is for players who like to spin reels with extra features like scatters, multipliers, and wild symbols that grow. There are a lot of fun video slots at SpadeGaming. The developer’s video slot machines have an easy-to-use interface and graphics in 3D/HD.

Sweet Bakery

The story of Sweet Bakery is about a bakery where the owner, Hikari Chan, is also the baker. The goal for players is to help her start her business and see it through to success so she doesn’t have to worry about her studies.

It is a slot game with 5 reels and 10 lines. The goal is to get winning combinations of symbols by spinning the reels. In this game, players can win on any of the 10 paylines. The Wild Cakes can stand in for any other symbol, expand over the reel that may cause a respin. The respin can happen up to three spins. There is a feature called “Autoplay” that is better than manually spinning the reels because it makes it more likely that you will win the jackpot.


For those who enjoy games with single slot games and enjoy animations, Fafafa is the place to be. In reducing the complexity of the game, you might rediscover what makes it so enjoyable. This ensures that the pay line’s colours are constantly changing while the symbol remains constant. Colours correspond to multipliers for simple, fast gameplay. Slots gamers of all skill levels will find this game enjoyable.

The simplicity of the game’s 3 reels and single payline contributes to its accessibility. The goal of each slot game is to have the player land on a winning combination of symbols. One payline gives players a chance to win in this game. Gambling quickly rarely ends well, so pace yourself and play in small increments.


For as long as there have been online casinos, fishing games have been among the most difficult games to master. Although many people have switched from traditional fish hunting games to online fish shooting games, fishing war has remained at the top of the genre.

The popularity of online fishing games has skyrocketed during the past several years. Instead of relying just on chance, as is the case with slot machines, you’ll need to employ a little bit of skill. This is why many commercially available fishing games have playable demos. With this feature, players may have fun without worrying about losing any in-game currency. Contrarily, demo games cannot be used to earn actual money for the player.

There are a few of fishing games available on SpadeGamings, some of which have an emphasis on visuals and immersion, while others offer unique gameplay elements like a multiplier, auto-target, bombs, and more.

Fishing God

Fishing God is played like any other fishing game. The plot centres on the Dragon King, who has gathered unimaginable wealth in the water. The Dragon King’s mansion was discovered by ocean explorers, but it was overrun by fish.

The Dragon King promises to reward anybody who helps him retake his mansion. Join the Dragon King’s brave explorers and become “Fishing God”

Attack the sea monsters with your weapon. Search for lost treasures in this high-stakes game to win fantastic rewards. Its features will provide you great benefits. Fishing God is an arcade game with a multiplayer feature, distinctive symbols, and fun gameplay.

Alien Hunter

You’ll be thrust into the thick of the action in Spadegaming’s arcade game Alien Hunter. In this alien invasion of the reef arcade game, the fish you normally shoot are replaced by aliens. Like most other SpadeGaming games, The Alien Hunter is a superb 3D experience with beautiful visuals, engaging animations, and authentic sound design.

The game’s setting is based on the marine ecosystem of the Coral Reef, but instead of dealing with the usual cute sea critters, you’ll be on the lookout for aliens. The player can choose to hunt with standard ammunition or exotic weaponry, depending on the chosen difficulty level. The second is available for an additional cost through a bonus purchase. Using the superior weapon will allow you to kill larger aliens in less time, which will increase your earnings. Get ready to fire rapidly if you want to score large.


If slot machines and fishing games aren’t your thing, SpadeGaming knows that arcade betting games are a close second. For those who prefer a less physically demanding wagering experience, this Egame offers arcade betting in place of traditional sports betting.

Only two games, Derby Express and Monkey Thunderbolt, exist in this subgenre of egames at the moment. In each of these games, the objective is to place bets on the winners and place-getters of a competition. Be it a bet on the ranking or a betting on banker, tie, or player, there are two ways to win. If this is something that piques your attention, continue reading to learn more about the two games.

Derby Express

SpadeGaming is doing a great job introducing egame. Derby Express is a horse-racing arcade game. The participant must bet on the first and second-place horses to win. Each game’s odds alter.

The default stake is 1; the player can modify it before the game. After choosing their bet number, players can gamble on the ranking. One horse per number. After clicking, the game starts. Multiple rankings and side bets are available to the player. The result board shows the last five results. The player’s winning odds depend on the bet.

The game provides 3x to 5x jackpot prizes and simple yet imaginative graphics. Derby Express’ Free Racer incentives, jackpot, and monthly rewards will boost players’ bankrolls.

Monkey Thunderbolt

The SpadeGaming-developed and-offered arcade betting game Monkey Thunderbolt is based on a Chinese folktale about some monkeys who soar to victory. It was noted that only monkeys could reach the sky before humans did. Every 100 years, legendary monkeys would compete in a big competition, with the victor being known as the “thunderbolt king.”

A player must wager on which monkeys will ascend first and then ascend second in the world in order to win the game. The player can select their bet amount before the game starts; 1 is chosen by default. After selecting their bet number, the player can wager on the rankings. One monkey corresponds to each number. A player may place bets on ranks as well as the banker, a tie, or a player. After placing your stake, click the start button.

On the result board, the player can view the previous five outcomes. The odds of the player winning change depending on the bet they make. Additionally, players have a chance to win the jackpot, which can range from 3 to 5, depending on their luck.

VIP Program

A VIP programme may interest you whether you’re looking for SpadeGaming or Winbox online casino deals. What’s the difference between basic and VIP membership? VIPs get better promotions, treatment, and rebates. In addition to first-hand incentives, promotions, birthday specials, and monthly fortunate draws, VIPs have a “VIP Bonus Program.”

Winbox runs a daily 4D lottery called Lucky Hari Hari. Winbox online casino holds VIP-only angpau events. VIPs can earn RM88 to RM888 in cash prizes with no registration charge.

Why? VIPs can contact Winbox customer service and provide a fortunate number from 0-9 and personal details. If the next day’s first prize number matches your choice, you win cash. If today isn’t your fortunate day, try again tomorrow; VIPs can join daily.

Winbox VIP signup instructions. Regular members are immediately upgraded to VIP after meeting deposit requirements within the specified time. Upgrades to VIP tiers rely on a player’s cumulative deposits. Some need periodic deposits, while others are VIP-only. Contact our customer service for more information.

Customer Support

Players often require help with online casino technology or navigation. A professional, timely, accountable, and helpful customer service team is needed. As expected, Winbox features a customer service team. The team is generally always at the keyboard to help players with concerns. Type questions to the customer service team on how to become a VIP, make deposits, claim free credits, and more.

Live chat is usually the sole means to contact an online gambling platform. Our customer support team will respond to the situation after the chatbot filters live chat problems and questions. Winbox’s customer care team can be reached by WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, and phone.

Spadegaming User Experience and Feature

As a casino with years of experience producing slot games, games include smooth animations, excellent graphics, and attractive bonus features. Spadegaming, a relatively new gaming company, adopted HTML5 to make the industry easier and more accessible. HTML5 works on iOS and Android. These games work on all devices, including 16:9 ones. HTML5 allows these games to run on any device and any screen size. HTML5-powered games work on desktops and mobile devices.

If you’re not sold on these Asian online slots, don’t worry. Spadegaming has a gaming licence from Malta. iTech Labs, one of the major independent gaming labs, certifies its games. You can trust these games. You can try the free demo mode to see if it’s worth downloading and buying. Spadegaming offers classic slots with easy gameplay and speedy action. This Asian software business offers high-quality graphics, great acoustics, and engaging gameplay. Some slots offer progressive jackpots or multi-level bonus games. These games may have fluctuating wilds. Like any game, Spadegaming slots have perks and cons.

Payment Methods

To enjoy gaming with SpadeGaming, you need a reliable and fast payment option. It’s rare to find a reputable online gaming platform without many deposit and withdrawal methods. Winbox allows customers to rapidly top up their accounts from a bank, ATM, online transfer, or e-wallet for all transactional operations. Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, and MayBank offer many payment alternatives. Winbox is user-friendly since each player can choose their preferred method of payment. Players can send money to their Winbox accounts without a middleman. Winbox is secure to use thanks to a firewall and SSL encryption. This protects gamers’ personal and financial data. Winbox has the most talented software development staff in the business, thus they focus 100% on the security encryption of their programmes and mobile apps.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, only video slots, slot games and fishing games are only offered in Spade Gaming. But their selection of games are still expanding and more games in different themes will be continuously updated in their application. Spade Gaming is popular with exciting themes and storylines.

As come into a partnership with Winbox, an all-in-one entertainment mobile application that provides you with a variety of gaming opportunities with SpadeGaming that are still enjoyable. Winbox delivers you one stop shopping for fun. After signing up for Winbox and becoming a member, you will be granted the ability to choose the game providers from which you will make your gaming selections. Members will immediately be offered with uniquely organised incentives, promos, and numerous other rebates the moment they have completed the registration process.

Signing up to become a VIP member of Winbox is something that should be considered an absolute need for anyone who is serious about developing solid working ties with Winbox. The option to receive special treatment, the likes of which online casino players would be overjoyed to receive and loyal to Winbox, is made available to VIPs. These privileges are in addition to the standard benefits that regular Winbox members, like you and me, may occasionally be eligible to receive.

FAQs about Spadegaming

What is Spadegaming?

Spade Gaming was founded in 2007 in the Philippines by developing gaming software and integrating the games with better elements like more stunning graphics and outstanding features. They constantly make video slots and slot games with better sound tracks to give the players more immersive gaming experience.

Is Spadegaming Safe?

Spade Gaming is definitely safe as it is considered one of the best game providers in Asia that is developed by the top notch international software developers. The gameplay is guaranteed safe and fair because it is tested by the most reputable and trusted RNG and RTP auditors in the online casino industry.

How do I download Spadegaming?

To download Spade Gaming, one of the best gaming software in Asia, you can freely download Spade Gaming on all your mobile devices regardless Android or iOS system. Select APK download and authorise the application to be installed on your mobile devices. Then you can access the game on your phone now!

How do I register on Spadegaming?

To access Spade Gaming, you only need to create a Winbox account then you can freely enter Spade Gaming without deposit. To register a Winbox account, you need to provide your personal details like username, password and phone number. Then the account will successfully register once your OTP verification is done.

How do I deposit on Spadegaming?

To deposit money in Spade Gaming, you have to top up an amount with minimum RM20 into your Winbox account. Then you can access Spade Gaming with the game credit amount that you want to play in Spade Gaming. It is very easy to deposit in a Winbox account with online transfer, ATM bank in or E Wallet transfer.

How do I withdraw from Spadegaming?

To withdraw your winnings from Spade Gaming, you need to fill in your bank account details after clicking “Withdraw” in Winbox Apps. Then you are required to enter the withdrawal amount and wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the withdrawal process to be done.

How do I contact Spadegaming customer service?

Our customer service provides 24 hours 7 days support to ensure customer issues are solved immediately. To avoid customers’ problems with delayed resolutions, WInbox customer service is very responsive and helpful. You can contact our customers at live chat service, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram.

How can I claim the free credit from Spadegaming?

To claim free credit from Spade Gaming, you need to register a Winbox account with your personal details like your username, password and phone number. Then you have to verify your Winbox account with your full name and bank account. You get free credit from Winbox customer service after your account is created successfully.


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