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Introduction to Lucky365

When it comes to online casinos, they take the cake in perks and entertainment as well as convenience. The standard casinos were on-site and had a lot of facilities. However, there was one big problem, and that was that people had to travel a lot of distance or fly miles to reach the on-site casino.

Nowadays, as the internet has arrived, online casinos have emerged. These casinos are far more flexible, offer higher rewards with lower risks and have incredible visual appeal to attract players. The best part? You can play it anywhere in the world.

Lucky 365 is one of the best online casinos, popular among many bettors and players. If you have ever heard about the term ‘sports betting’, you will be able to better understand Lucky 365. Sports betting is when you bet on the outcome of certain sports to win prizes if the outcome turns out according to your prediction. Lucky 365 is an online casino, a slot game provider and also a sports betting website where you can bet on your favourite sports. Lucky 365 offers huge handouts, prizes and awards. It continues to be one of the most popular choices for many people.

It is important to remember that Lucky 365 is trusted by many people. However, despite being trusted by many and is the active choice of so many casino players and bettors, Lucky 365 doesn’t have a licence. This is the point where many avid players and enthusiasts will need to treat carefully. While you can verify the famous game providers like Lion King or 918 Kiss through their certification, Lucky 365 doesn’t offer such luxury.

However, there is a surefire way to avoid scams, and that is to only download the Lucky 365 app from a trusted website such as Winbox. Winbox is the hub of trusted online slot machine game providers and online casinos. Therefore, if you download Lucky 365 from such a website, you have no chance of falling for a scam. Don’t download Lucky 365 alone from any other website.

One of the best things about Lucky 365 is that it supports both IOS and Android versions. It can be used on your phones and other smart devices. Apart from that, it can also be used on Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: Licence of the site cannot be located. As a result, the quality and fairness of games cannot be guaranteed. However, it makes use of security measures to safeguard the privacy of users.

Games: Sports betting, fishing games, video slot games, and online slot games are all available to registered users.

Bonuses: Lucky365 gives a lot of promotions and bonuses that are available to players, including free credits, referral offers and so on.

Customer support: Players may contact the customer service crew via phone, email, and WhatsApp for customer assistance. The service team works around the clock to best serve its customers.

Basic Information for Lucky365

Lucky 365 (currently unavailable)
Sports betting, fishing games, video slots, online slots
Not found
Email, WhatsApp and phone call
R and USD

Safety and Security

When it comes to online security is an important and crucial aspect of securing players’ information and data. A lot of sports bettors and casino players save their important information on Lucky 365. Therefore, online casinos have to take decent steps to protect their information from fraudsters and scammers. These steps can include measures such as firewall protection, using strong data encryption protocols and similar procedures.

For data protection, Lucky 365 uses HTTPS, which ensures strong security of all the shared files among the players. Apart from that, it also uses 256 encryption protocol to protect their login data and other sensitive player information

Bonuses and Promotion

Welcome Bonus

There is a generous welcome bonus available to new players at Lion King. It often includes a percentage cash match. Anyway, Lion King gives RM10 free credit to welcome every new registered account. Other than that, new registered players may deposit a minimum required amount to get extra free credits.

Daily Reload Bonus

Another grand bonus that Lion King gives. Players can claim for a certain amount of free credit when they deposit a minimum required amount to their Lion King account, daily basis. This may be restricted to a certain game and to a single claim each day at most. However, players are strongly advised to check on the terms to make sure you are qualified.

Money Back Special

Lucky 365 offers other bonuses, such as a money back special that reimburses bettors for 10% of their losses, a multi-bet bonus ranging from 2.5% to 50%, and an R200 bonus for approved wagering proposals.

VIP Program

VIP programs are some of the best features for any online casino or online slot machine games. Usually, VIP programs keep on attracting players and are proven to be an excellent strategy for retaining customers. What happens is that there are different ranks and rewards set for players. This system is designed to reward loyal players who keep on returning to the same online casino. Usually, depending on investments and the frequency of returning, the players have rewarded ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the reward and lucrative offers.

Despite all that VIP programs offer, the avid players of Lucky 365 will be disappointed to hear that the platform doesn’t support a VIP program.

List of Available Games

When it comes to the list of available games, the most prominent feature of Lucky 365 is that it is a sports betting website. Players consider Lucky 365 to be a sportsbook because it allows many avid players and sports enthusiasts to win prizes through sports-based bets. Apart from that, there are also fishing games, machine slot games as well as video slot games which are basically an enhanced version of simple slot machine games. They are all explained below.

Sports Betting

As mentioned earlier, sports betting is one of the most prominent features of Lucky 365 despite the platform offering a lot of other games and features. Sports betting is a special genre of betting where the players bet on different sports and win amazing prizes.

Lucky 365 features a full range of different sports available for betting. You will find the following sports on this app.

a. Soccer
b. Badminton
c. Tennis
d. Baseball
e. Volleyball
f. Rugby
g. Horse Racing

With all these sports to bet on, you will be surprised at the range of betting options that you get. You have the option of mixing parlay 1 x 2 odds/even for straight wins as well as over/under.

You can also leverage the opportunity of a live match and bet on its statistics as well as results. Apart from that, you can also avail of unique opportunities such as the “Hot Win” feature, bet codes, promos and fixtures.

Slot Games

Simple slot games are quite popular. You must have seen plenty of slot games where the players win prizes or bonuses if the pictures or symbols match all the slots. Although they follow simple mechanisms, they are incredibly entertaining and also very rewarding. Choose your preferred slot, spin the reel and win awesome prizes if the symbols all match.

a. Simba – Simba is a Safari-themed game. It features multiple reels, slots and pay lines. Simba is also an awesome choice whenever it comes to jungle-type themes and visuals. The game can be played on all smart devices. It comes with multiple reels and pay lines.

b. Sakura – Sakura follows a cherry blossom theme in Japan. It has a lot of resemblance to traditional Japanese cultures, showcasing a lot of references. It has five reels and forty pay lines, all of which are highly rewarding for players.

c. Dolphin Reef – While it follows an impressive marine-based theme, it is not a fishing game. It has twenty-five pay lines, three rows and five reels. Dolphin Reef is another amazing slot game that brings forth a lot of awards for players. Respins, substituting wilds and scatter symbols are some of its marvellous features.

Fishing Game

Fishing games represent a unique genre of games when it comes to online casinos. Such games have impressive graphics, incredible visual appeal and also a peculiar genre of online casino games. There are unique prizes, such as multipliers and bonuses.

For Lucky 365, the fishing games genre seems to be a developing work. However, that doesn’t mean that the platform doesn’t offer impressive fishing games for the players. One of the most played fishing games for lucky 365 is Monster Awaken.

a. Monster Awaken – Monster Awaken is one of the most popular fishing games, offering unique prizes and awards to the players. It has a multi-player feature that allows 8 players at once to play the game. You have a weapon that you use to hunt down a fish. Depending on the usage, the weapon gets upgraded and becomes stronger. It becomes easier to catch the fish.

Video Slot Games

You can think of video slot games as the advanced versions of online slot games. They often offer more reels, pay lines and greater bonuses. Apart from that, they also come with additional benefits and prizes. That doesn’t mean that slot machine games have no appeal. They are equally exciting.

The different video slot games have varying pay lines. There is a unique element of storytelling that adds to video slot games. Overall, they have a unique aesthetic vibe that regular slot machine games usually don’t have. Given below are some of the most popular picks for video slot games.

1. Monkey King – In this game, you will be helping the king of monkeys defeat the enemies. Your rewards increase with the number of enemies you put down. In some ways, Monkey King bears a similarity to some fishing games and amazing slot games. Overall, it provides a unique experience.

2. Monkey King Plus – Monkey King Plus is another awesome game that bears a remarkable similarity to a fishing game. However, due to a different feature set, it is a unique type of its own. Simply put, you are now playing a more challenging version of Monkey King.

3. King of the World – King of the World is about purchasing bullets and putting down enemies. The more enemies you put down, the more bonuses you win, and the fun continues.

Payment Methods

One of the pros of Lucky 365 is that it affords a wide range of payment methods. It is common knowledge that before you start making real money through any online casino or anything else, you need to deposit cash of your own. The more diverse and supportive a payment system is, the easier it will be for you to earn some quick rewards.

Lucky 365 has one advantage. It doesn’t charge you to withdraw or deposit your funds. You can also complete your deposit process through a variety of methods. Given below are the facilitated options for Lucky 365.

1. MasterCard
2. Visa
3. EFT (it also includes the instant EFT option)

Customer Support

The experienced customer support provided by Lucky 365 is available around the clock to provide devoted attention. The app has a live chat function that you may use to communicate with customer service representatives if you have any questions about live casinos, sports betting, slot machines, or any other items. Simply click on the chat window, type in your query, and wait for an immediate response. You may also contact them directly at Winbox Support 24/7

Lucky365 Test ID

Registered users may use the Lucky365 Test ID to play a game without spending their own money by deposit into their account. Instead, just access to Lucky365 by using the below test ID to enjoy playing free games on Lucky365.

Free Test ID

Try ID number from 0001 to 9999 to access free games with unlimited credit usage in the certain test account. Some of the accounts might not be available due to the account being in use by someone else; try using another ID number to access these free IDs. However, withdrawing from the account is prohibited as the ultimate goal of test IDs is to allow users to play demo games without having to spend a single money. Users may contact the Lucky365 customer support if there is any issue regarding using the test ID or if you found the account with no credit is in.

How to register with Lucky365

Due to the lack of a licence, it is recommended that you download Lucky 365 from credible resources such as Winbox. Winbox is quite amazing since it offers a lot more benefits. The best part is that all your information is safe on Winbox. If you download Lucky 365 from it, you will get complete security of your credentials as well as access to a range of different options, including that of Lucky 365.

How to download the Lucky365 app

Android user:

Android and iOS now have Lion King slot game apps. Visit to get Android APK. Downloading Android APK takes roughly five minutes, depending on your internet speed. You’ll be prompted to install. After installation, access Lion King’s main menu, log into your account, and pick your favourite games.

iOS user:

Apple users are able to download Lion King with no hassle. However, downloading it from unauthorised third-party software might have risks. Players must confirm the download page is trustworthy, like Click the iOS link and follow the directions. Before installing, go to phone settings to enable installation from untrusted sources, as iOS may not identify Lion King App publisher as a trustworthy source.

Pros & Cons



Is Lucky365 Online Casino Safe?

There are many variants of Lucky 365. The reason is that it is not licensed, which can come off as alarming for many new players. Those who have already been playing for quite some time know where to find Lucky 365. Since there is no official website for Lucky 365, it doesn’t have a secure platform yet.

However, the most convenient and best way to find Lucky 365 is to download it from Winbox or just type “Lucky 365 online casino main website” on Google and click on the link with Winbox mentioned in it.

Final Thoughts

Lucky 365 is an amazing online casino with a lot of different games. It has a safe and secure system when it comes to payment as well as data security of the players’ information. While Lucky 365 has tons of different options, it is truly an amazing option when it comes to sports betting. For its affinity with a range of sports betting options, it is also called a sportsbook. You can place live bets on a range of different sports, including soccer, tennis, baseball and even horse racing.

Lucky 365’s main flaw is its lack of licence. That is why the best way to avail of its games is through reputable websites like Winbox. Winbox is one of the best ways through which you can obtain Lucky 365 without getting scammed or becoming a victim of a fraudster online.

Lucky 365’s specialty is sports betting, due to which it has earned its name, sportsbook. However, it also supplies many other incredible games, such as online slot games, fishing games and video slot games. It also hosts a different range of payment options for its guests. Overall, it is an amazing sports betting platform, easily accessible through Winbox.

FAQ about Lucky365

What is Lucky365?

Lucky365 is one such online casino platform that concentrates on sports betting and many more. By enrolling on the gaming site, gamers may enjoy video slot games, fishing games, and normal slot games. Many trust Lucky 365 online casinos, due to their customer service quality, available payment options, and amazing mobile application features.

Is Lucky365 Safe?

As a reliable gaming platform, Lucky365 implemented a variety of security measures in order to keep the site safe and protected from hacking or scamming. At this time the site is trustworthy and reputable, as shown by the fact that a number of gamers had positive experiences while gambling on the platform.

How do I download Lucky365?

The Lucky 365 app is mobile-friendly and works on all mobile devices. Go to the Lucky 365 download site, choose iOS or Android, and create an account. Before downloading the WinBox app, you should sign up to be a member of Lucky365. After you finish these steps, you can move on to the sign-in process and play the many exciting online casino games.

How do I register on Lucky365?

In just a few simple steps, you may finish the registration for Lucky 365 with totally no charges. Players who are new to Lucky 365 may register using their phone numbers or emails. Additionally, players must input their contact information, which includes their ID and postal and home addresses.

How do I deposit on Lucky365?

Deposit into your Lucky365 account can be via MasterCard, Visa, EFT, and Instant EFT. These are all trustworthy yet fast deposit methods that are available on Lucky365. The fact that you won’t be charged any fees to deposit or withdraw money is one of the many advantages of using Lucky365.

How do I withdraw from Lucky365?

After accumulating a certain amount of earnings from Lucky365, you may withdraw your money from the platform via the methods which you used during deposit. That includes MasterCard, Visa, EFT, and Instant EFT, again without any extra charges from Lucky365.

How do I contact Lucky365 customer service?

The professional customer service provides round-the-clock attention. You may contact them via the live chat option on the app if you have any questions regarding real-time casinos, sports betting, slot machines, or more. Simply kickstart by clicking the chat button, type your inquiry, and wait for a timely response. You may also Contact Winbox Support 24/7 to speak with the appropriate customer care representatives directly.

How can I claim the free credit from Lucky365?

Free credits are given by the generous Lucky365 to the registered users of the site. After one has created an account, the first free credit of RM10 could be claimed by users via contacting the customer service. Nevertheless, before you can make a claim on the free credits, it is absolutely necessary for you to have satisfied the requirements that are related with Lucky365.


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