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Introduction to 918kiss

Gaming has been one of the most popular and common hobbies to humanity. Casino games are not new to everyone which people could access now via online – thanks to the advanced technology. Online casinos are available almost at all times; that contributes to many more newcomers to the industry.

If you are a frequent player to online casinos you must have heard the name of 918Kiss. It is currently one of the online casinos in Southeast Asia with the most rapid expansion. Formerly known as Scr888 was established back in 2013. With years of experience in the industry, it has established the brand as one of the leading gaming sites that could support up to 200k players at one time. Regardless of slot games, fishing games, arcade games or table games – all are found in 918Kiss.

You will not be surprised if we tie 918Kiss with slot games. The most played gaming category, slot games on 918Kiss are available in various game themes, gameplay as well as payouts. However, some might not even consider giving slot games a try if they are fishing or arcade game lovers. Same goes to table games, bettors that enjoy classic gambling experience would go for table games like Roulette that offers a gambling vibe akin to the physical casino.

As regulated by the Gaming Council, making sure the 918Kiss site is safe and secure, it is now trusted by over 200,000 players. The customer support unit can be contacted by players at any time for any assistance that may be required. Need not to worry about communication barriers as 918Kiss has been expanded globally back in 2018, its customer support unit and site contents are available in English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Thai Language.

As technology evolves, some of the leading online casino brands implemented its mobile application to greatly improve players gaming experience, 918Kiss is one of them. All necessary activities are able to complete in its mobile app that players are able to reach 918Kiss faster and easier. From registering an account to enjoying their favourite game and withdrawing big money from their account – it is all one-click away now!

Basic Information for 918Kiss

Slot games, Rotating arcade games, Fishing games, Arcade games, and Table games.
Malaysian Government
Live chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Email and Social Media channels
MYR, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum
English, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Japanese

Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: Regulated by trustable international authorities like PAGCOR, guarantee players game fairness with high-end security measures.

Games: On 918Kiss, you can play games from a variety of providers, including slot games, arcade games, table games, and fishing games. However, live casino games are not currently available on the site.

Bonuses: There are numerous bonuses given by 918Kiss: 150% welcome bonus, daily reload bonus, referral bonus and more.

Customer support: Not just instant reply but in a helpful manner. The customer support unit is reachable via multiple channels like website live chat, social media platforms or even email.

Safety and Security

The one big concern players or anyone may have towards online casinos is its safety and security. There are countless untrustable online casino platforms that scammed or create bad experiences for the players and industry. Therefore, it is relatively important to ensure player confidentiality and privacy. Or else, online casino platforms without necessary security measures are just not worth wasting effort to entertain with. 918Kiss understands and implements sophisticated technologies to prevent hacking and phishing. Other than that, two-factor verification, 128-bit encryption system and so on has been introduced by 918Kiss to rest assured player’s personal information is safe. In short, the site is safe to visit and gamble with.

Bonuses and Promotion

A trustable online casino platform is generous in giving back to their customers, and 918Kiss is one of them. 918Kiss gives tons of bonuses and promotions that are all loved by the players. First off, 150% welcome bonus is considered relatively high compared to any other platforms. They also have referral bonuses which players can earn some token of appreciation from 918Kiss when they refer the site to their friends. Other than that, 918Kiss also have time-to-time event bonuses that align with festivals or holidays. These bonuses normally come in a form of free credit that will be directed to the member’s account. Players are able to boost their winning chances as well as lower the probability of losing with these free credits given by 918Kiss. Here are some of the popular bonuses that 918Kiss give and most-claimed by players.

RM10 free credit is the first offer that is available on 918Kiss. In order to claim this offer, all one has to do is download the 918Kiss app whether on iOS or Android devices, and register an account. Then, deposit the minimum required amount into the 918Kiss account, then you are entitled to claim for RM10 free credit. Although it is just like any other online casino platform might be able to give, however, 918Kiss is generous in that they give another 10% reward of member’s initial deposit as rebate. With these, players can stand a chance to play and bet more games to win bigger money.

Other than that, for members that have been with 918Kiss for a while, they are entitled to claim for a RM20 free credit upon a minimum amount requirement. This could be defined by a minimum turnover required, deposit reloaded or duration of game played. While some players might be unclear on how to receive these free credits even after they have met all the terms and conditions requirements. Some of the bonuses are not automatically credited to the player’s account, do not be surprised or suspect being cheated – just contact the customer support unit to be assisted. The supporting crew is willing to help and even may share some new bonus plans with the customers.

VIP Program

Players who sign up for the 918Kiss VIP membership plan will gain access to exclusive bonuses and promotions. Why sign up for a VIP programme? It enables the VIP members to get exclusive and first hand offers that may include but not limited to higher withdrawal limits, shorter buffer time to receive from customer service crew, higher bonus rates and many more awaits customers to discover.

Available Games

Well-known and wide variety games from slot games, table games, arcade games, and even fishing games – all can be found on the well-liked Malaysian gaming site, 918Kiss. If you’re new to online gaming, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of games accessible on the site. Still, there’s no cause for alarm on your part. Here are a few of 918Kiss’s most rewarding games for newcomers to try out:

Fishing game

Fishing games on 918Kiss provide different bonus features with regularly large payouts for completing the game missions. So, if you are thinking about signing up for 918Kiss and try out your first game on the paltform, you may try fishing games. It is not the most traditional games like table game’s roulette and blackjack, but it certainly offers a thrilling way to win some quick money. There is not much difference between Fishing Star, Da Sheng Nao Hai, and Ocean King; all of them are pretty comparable. In order to start playing on the site, players must first register and make a minimum deposit. After that, pick one of your fishing games of choices. The amount of bullets you get depends on how much money you bet on the game. You will be tasked with taking down as many sea creatures as you can with these shots. Numerous species of aquatic life can be seen and they represent different amounts of reward if you are able to hunt down. More points can be earned with the larger ones. And therefore, a higher score can be achieved by amassing a greater number of points.

Fish Hunter Li Kui Pi Yu

Li Kui Pi Yu is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable fishing games. The game has stunning visuals and a fantastic soundtrack. A big fish must be caught by all players. You must first be deliberate in your choice of killing before you can achieve any real success with Li Kui Pi Yu. Success of a fishing game relies heavily on strategic moves in terms of utilising the limited bullets. One example would be killing a Golden devil fish as it is relatively easy to capture and yet more points will be awarded. However, the more sophisticated the player’s shell is, the less picky the player can be.

Ocean King

Another fishing game found on 918Kiss is the Ocean King, a relatively thrilling and chilling one. This fishing game supports six to ten players to compete among each other at the same time. A classic arcade fishing game that will wander across the East and West seas with a wide range of creatures in amazing scenes. Mermaids, fire dragons, and drago turtles are among the marine animals. Like any good fishing game, you will need to carefully plan how you will utilise your weapons. However, as your level increases by killing the fishes, you will receive more stronger weapons.

Da Sheng Nao Hai

According to several sources, Da Sheng Nao Hai is the most played online fishing game among the Asian. First of all, you can invite your friends to play and win real money together rather than competing against one another. When you play a game that may encounter numerous thrilling and exciting actions with your mate it would be then easier. Everyone should be able to understand a fishing game’s aim is to make full use of their limited bullets to kill as many ocean creatures in the given time as possible. However, one good thing about Da Sheng Nao Hai is that it gives the highest number of credits, therefore it also known as Golden Dragon by many.

Fishing Star

You might enjoy playing this intriguing fishing game on 918Kiss. You’ll run into more than 180 different marine animals in the game’s 40 different settings. That means as players surf among the marine life, it gets more fascinating. However, in order to get the largest and most lucrative fish, players must switch their weapon to stronger ones. Two good things about this game is that whatever a player captured may be seen in their Fish Book. Secondly, make full use of your Joy-Con to catch a great amount of fish!

Video slots

One of the game types that receives the greatest attention from players in the online gaming industry is slots. When compared to the other subgenres of slot games, video slots offer an even more exciting experience. This is due to the fact that the games are packaged with an additional layer of media. In other words, they are constructed using multiple forms of media. Thematic images, reels, buttons, animations, and music are all features that may be found in video slot games such as Monkey Story Plus and Phoenix, amongst others. Players are treated to a gaming experience that is unlike anything they’ve ever had before thanks to the fact that video slots are a hybrid of traditional fruit machines and arcade games. As we understand that the distinguishing feature of a video slot game is the reels, extra reels, levels and pay lines which excites players. In comparison to standard slot games, this brings a higher amount of excitement to the overall experience. Nevertheless, be told that video slot games follow the primary operating principle. The machine is going to generate thousands of different numbers, and each figure is going to be paired with a unique combination of symbols. Whether or not you win, big or small, is going to be determined by a random number that is created at a certain time.

Video slots in 918kiss

Monkey Story Plus

Monkey Story Plus was made by Vela Gaming back in 2016 and is easy to play. One of the few games available on 918Kiss online casino where you can play a demo version. It enables players to try the game without having to risk any real money. People love this game because they can use a multiplier with a minimum and maximum bet size of 2/100. After you finish trying out the game in the demo mode, you can bet real money and win money in no time.

Battle World

Battle World, another well-known and highly recommended video slot game by 918Kiss. A pretty exciting video slot game that features additional graphic components that aim to enhance gaming experience. Basically it is a Marvel-themed, action-packed adventure slot game that features the characters in Marvel. Once you are in, you will have to pick a hero to save your friend and win the game. Ultimately players have to utilise the Battle Ball to your advantage and vanquish Thanos. The design of the songs featured and appealing graphics give a very strong gaming experience as if you are one of the Marvel characters.


This is one of the classic video slot games that has been around for a long time. Phoenix is an arcade slot game that was created by Gameplay Interactive and features a Chinese-inspired motif. This well-liked video slot game offers players free spins and multiplier rewards for their play. The objective of the game is to inspire a sense of optimism in the player by having them control a bird that has risen from the ashes. The wings of the bird, which have a fiery red colour, are a sign of both immortality and rebirth. Phoenix features five reels and thirty different ways to win. In addition, there is a jackpot that may grow to a maximum of one hundred credits. Players can put a wager and go for the Autoplay feature to play and watch the reel spin automatically.

Online Slot

Another classic category that contributes a big chunk to the online casino industry is the regular slot games. The excitement of ratcheting up the reels and winning a significant sum of money keeps many online casino lovers engaged in slot machines for many years. Even more intriguing is the fact that hundreds of slot games, which have been produced by a variety of companies, are available in online casinos. A player will never become uninterested in a slot game by sticking to a single genre thanks to this. Aside from the many distinct suppliers, slot games may also be found in a variety of themes. Some include culture, history, movies, folklore, and so on. In addition, they are available with a variety of pay lines and reel configurations. In addition to this, you may choose from a wide range of pay lines and reel arrangements when you play them. In spite of this, each and every one of the slot games utilises something that is known as a random number generator. This produces number sequences that are completely random every millisecond. As a direct consequence of this, there are no aspects of play that are unfair. Due to the fact that the numbers are chosen at random, it is highly unlikely that the next sequence would mirror the one that came before it. After you have given the reel a spin, a random number generator will determine the symbols that will appear on the screen.

Jin Qian Wa

The design of this one was inspired and based on the culture of China. Playtech, the developer of Jin Qian Wa, created the game with features of an eastern-inspired theme. It comes in five reels and a total of 40 pay lines. In addition, there are wild symbols, free spins, and scatter icons, all of which work together to dramatically increase the players’ chances of winning as well as boost player’s gaming experience. The game features a wide variety of symbols, some of which include yin and yang signs, green dragons, and various animal emblems like golden turtles, toada and ivory elephants. The players are captivated not only by the vivid images, but also by the atmospheric sound effects. The gameplay will have a more authentic vibe of the east as a result of this.

Wukong Slots

Believe it or not, Wukong is the fastest online slot game that didn’t come out until 2021 and is now the popular choice of slot game players. It features HQ graphics and an exciting gameplay experience. It offers a return of 95.72% and chances to earn x5255 times player’s wager. The video slot machine presented in an Asian theme includes the renowned martial artist Wukong, along with five reels and 25 pay lines. The lowest bet is just 0.25 euros, while the highest bet is 60 euros every spin. Therefore, a high level of luxury is not required in order to enjoy the ever-growingly popular slot game but rather you can adjust according to your ability and wild ambition. Bonus rounds can also be triggered in Wukong slot games, and this is triggered by getting a winning symbol combination.

Great Blue Slots

The slot machine with an aquatic theme has five reels and three rows of symbols to choose from. Great Blue Slots, there are 25 different pay lines in the game, giving players a wide variety of different opportunities to win. Even though Great Blue has some characteristics that are typical of slot machines, there are also some surprises that players should keep an eye out for. For example, you can make use of stacked wilds, and the scatter symbol can result in some respectable winning combinations. You will be compelled to play more thanks to a riveting bonus game that comes with 33 free spins. Additionally, in order to maximise the amount of money you win, you should try to make use of the 15x multiplier.

Dolphin Reef

The Dolphin Reef slot game is another one of Playtech’s good works. It is another aquatic-based theme that is presented in a blue-themed and a mesmerising colour combination that is quite catching. It has five reels, three rows, and a total of 25 pay lines, much like a majority of the slot games. The distinguishing features like substituting wild, scatter symbols, and re-spins designed to increase winning rate of players. There are some ocean creatures to enrich the feeling of the underwater world, such as seahorses, sea turtles, starfishes and clownfishes. The highest achievement would be matching five of the same symbols or in a mixture of the wilds in line or even greater multiple lines to earn big money.

Payment Methods

Transaction activities must be guaranteed fast and responsive to avoid users frustration and impatience. 918Kiss implemented its procedure of withdrawing funds and making deposits which may be completed quickly and easily and users have a number of different payment options to select from. Every mentioned transaction activities are based on the premise of establishing an account with 918Kiss. Users are able to make deposits into their 918Kiss account using a bank transfer, Help2Pay, EeziePay, or cryptocurrency, depending on which option you choose. After finishing playing a game on 918Kiss, you have the option of withdrawing your winnings using the same method that you used to make your first deposit.

Customer Support

To contribute to an online casino platform trustability, it’s important for a reputable online casino platform like 918Kiss to have good customer service. The customer service unit should be able to come in handy when players encounter any problem or uncertainty with 918Kiss. Sometimes the FAQ section might not be sufficient to resolve player’s queries, therefore they might need to talk to the service unit one-to-one privately.

Worry not as 918Kiss has a quality customer service team in place and they can be reached via different approaches. Available 24/7, live chat option is there for you no matter what you want to ask. Players can also get help through Telegram, Email, Facebook, and LINE. With its reputable name, their customer service reps are considered professional and humble in assisting customers’ inquiries or feedback. So, if anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch with the team.

918Kiss Test ID

Test ID acts as a “public account” that anyone would like to try playing on 918Kiss could use without having to create their own account and make any deposit to the account. However, by the same token, no one could withdraw any of the money they made playing the free game using the test ID either.

Before one decided to sign up with 918Kiss could use this ID to play free games. Just download the 918Kiss app on your device and use the following log in details to start their free games:

Free Test ID

Please be reminded that the “X” indicates numerical numbers from “0000-99999”. It also means people who want to log in could choose from more than 9000 free login IDs. If you notice that a set of numbers doesn’t work when you try to log in, you might want to use a different number from the range, as it could be that the ID is being used by someone else right now. That certain login ID will be available again when the previous user logs out of the system.

How to register with 918kiss

There are two ways to sign up for an account here which is to sign up on 918Kiss’s official website or sign up online with a legal 918Kiss affiliate. Registration can be simply done by following the simple steps below:

How to download the 918kiss app

It is relatively easy to get a 918Kiss app on your mobile devices. There is just an important step to keep in mind and complete to have the app successfully installed on your device. After downloading the 918Kiss app, go to your phone or device settings to enable installing the app from unknown sources. Follow steps as below:

Pros & Con


Partner with international gaming providers

918Kiss partners with various famous game software developers from around the world that completes the 918Kiss app as it consists of a wide variety of gaming categories. All types of available games, from slot games, table games, fishing games and arcade games are all brought to players by 918Kiss and Playtech, Oasis Games, Spearhead Studios, Core Gaming, and so on.

High standard of security

The level of the casino’s security should also be a primary concern when selecting an online gambling destination. There is a dependable security system in place at 918Kiss. A trustworthy payment gateway is utilised for each and every transaction. A secure firewall, an encryption system with 128 bits of key length, and a two-factor authentication security system are used to further protect the players’ information and privacy.

Nice interface, easy to use features

The level of the casino’s security should also be a primary concern when selecting an online gambling destination. There is a dependable security system in place at 918Kiss. A trustworthy payment gateway is utilised for each and every transaction. A secure firewall, an encryption system with 128 bits of key length, and a two-factor authentication security system are used to further protect the players’ information and privacy.

Lots of promotions and bonuses

A generous site would never go wrong as they are able to retain its customers. 918Kiss gives numerous different special bonuses to its customers as long as they are eligible and meet the minimum requirement. Examples of bonuses that 918Kiss offers are: free credit, welcome bonus, attendance rewards, event rewards and more.

Excellent customer service

As mentioned, customer service is one of the key successes of an online casino platform. The customer service stands professional and available to answer customer’s questions, offer guidance and provide technical support as needed. In addition, they are reachable 24/7 via different platforms like website live chat, LINE, WhatsApp, and even email – as per customer’s preference.


Live casino not available

918Kiss lacks the real-time table games that support interactive gaming experience a player might long for towards an online casino platform. For an experienced bettor, even if they are more into slot games or fishing, they might want to give themselves a break from these games and go for live casino games in search of interactive games. In the result of 918Kiss, they lost a portion of shares in the live casino. The popular live casino games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack therefore are not available here.

Relatively low payouts

As everyone knows that 918Kiss is famous with its wide range of available games on the app that cater to different tastes. However the turnover for many popular games that are loved by the public are relatively low compared to other reputable online casino platforms. Aggressive players who are looking for fast and huge money payin and payouts might be dissatisfied by the low payouts of 918Kiss.

Sportsbook services not available

Sports bettors might not find themselves relatable with 918Kiss when there are no sportsbook services on 918Kiss. The “four-digit guessing game” is publicly welcomed and loved. Do not be surprised that sports betting alone could generate huge profit to an online gambling company. Some of the competitors of 918Kiss are doing excellent and have a huge share of profit contribution to their company.

Is 918Kiss Online Casino Safe?

Do not trust an online casino without a proper licence. As we hear the term “online casino” we are concerned about its safety and trustworthiness – whether the platform legitly legal, implements proper payment method, enhances user data protection, etc. We have all those uncertainties. Since the Gaming Council keeps an eye on the 918Kiss online casino platform to ensure it is safe and secure, users should be rest assured that 918Kiss is safe. 918Kiss does all they can to prove that they are trustable. They obtained a gaming licence from PAGCOR, a regulatory body that is a corporation owned and run by the Philippines government. Other than that, they protect the users’ information and privacy by utilising a secure firewall, a 128-bit encryption system, and a system that requires two different forms of authentication to ensure 100% safety.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to infinite entertainment and a great gameplay experience, 918Kiss has always been on the top list of choice for lovers of online slot games, fans of live table games, or fans of online casino content in general in Malaysia. Formerly known as Scr888, the name changing does not stop the online casino lovers to support them as they offer a wide range of games with different characteristics or themes that surely can attract the players. The fact that 918Kiss is now available on one of the best one stop entertainment apps, Winbox has blown every gambler’s mind. As Winbox app allows online casino lovers to access to their favourite game through only one app including 918Kiss, that eases everybody in which they can jump from one game to another even if both games are of totally different category or game provider. If you start counting those games on Winbox, you won’t be able to finish the task since you don’t have enough fingers on your hands. Feel free to explore 918Kiss on the Winbox app, you will find paradise with unspeakable joy.

FAQ about 918Kiss

What is 918kiss?

Previously known by the name Scr888, one of the most prominent gaming websites has been around since 2013, and it provides a large selection of online games, including slot games, fishing games, arcade games, and table games, that can support up to 200k players at one time.

Is 918kiss Safe?

As obtained the gaming licence from PAGCOR, a prominent regulatory body from the Philippines, 918Kiss is trustable and it is not sufficient for 918Kiss that they even protect users’ information and ensure platform game fairness. They utilise secure firewall, 128-bit encryption system and two-form authentication that prove the site is legitly safe.

How do I download 918kiss?

Instead of just searching on your phone App Store, go to 918Kiss official website where there is a direct link which players can click on and proceed to download. Always be reminded that you will have to first allow the phone to install apps from unknown sources like 918Kiss website to avoid unsuccessful installation of the app.

How do I register on 918kiss?

Account registration on 918Kiss could be done by two ways; the 918Kiss official website or through one of its legal affiliates, like Winbox. It is recommended to complete your account registration via mobile application for safety purposes. Players should create their account with a unique username and password, then fill up required personal information.

How do I deposit on 918Kiss?

918Kiss gives players a wide variety of options from which to choose when it comes to the means by which they can make a deposit using the method of payment that is most convenient for them. Users have the option of deposit into their 918Kiss accounts through a variety of payment methods, including bank transfer, Help2Pay, EeziePay, or even cryptocurrency.

How do I withdraw from 918kiss?

After you have finished playing a game on 918Kiss, you have the option of withdrawing your winnings when you have reached the required turnover on your account. You can use the same method to withdraw from your account that you used to deposit in the first place. Or else, just choose from one of these available methods: bank transfer, Help2Pay, EeziePay, or cryptocurrency.

How do I contact 918Kiss customer service?

It is easy, just like any other legit online casino platforms, 918Kiss have a professional customer service team that works 24/7 aiming to assist players when they ever encounter a problem while playing. This can be done via their official website live chat option, LINE, Telegram, Facebook or write an email to them. Obviously for instant response, it would always be recommended to go on their live chat to enable real-time one-to-one conversation with their helpful customer service personnel.

How can I claim the free credit from 918kiss?

Keep in mind that most of the redemption of free credit should be completed via contacting the customer service team after satisfying the necessary requirements. In the nature of to retain and appreciate its customer for continuous support, 918Kiss offers welcome bonuses of up to 150%, free RM10/RM20 credits, and a variety of other event deals.


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